The Background Screening Tips & Tech Podcast has launched! Tune in to see how you can go further & faster. We will going behind the scenes of the background screening industry. Interviews of industry experts, product and tech reviews. The show is hosted by Tim Santoni & Joe Buerlen. Background Screening Tips & Tech is one of the first few PODCASTS focusing on the background screening industry.


The podcast will be of interest to end users of background screening services, background screening operations and sales professionals, providers of data (wholesalers) and consultants.


We hope to lift the "veil" and go behind the scenes to give you access to those questions you have always wondered about like, where does the data really come from. Are live humans actually reviewing and editing records or is there just a magical computer or software program doing all the work? Why do some backgrounds complete instantly while others can take a few days?

While we have many years of experience in the industry we will rely upon industry experts to come on and give us their insights and perspectives.

If you are interested in coming on the PODCAST or want a particular topic covered please let us know.

The podcast is now available wherever you prefer to listen (Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.).  We also make video recordings of all of the episodes so you can watch them on YouTube