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6 Things an applicants should know

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Your future employer wants to complete your background check as quickly and easily possible. The employment background check process can be completed quickly and accurately when everyone involved works together.  When you have questions you can get them answered by your potential employer or the employment background screening company that is handling your background check.  You are entitled to a consumer copy and you should contest any cases or charges reflected in the in report that do not pertain to you


6 Things an Applicant Should Know about Employment Background Checks

  1. It’s all in the details. Provide accurate information.
  2. Electronic Applications & Disclosures are secure and save time.
  3. Prompt responses to requests for information are crucial.
  4. If done properly background check take time.  It’s worth the wait.
  5. You are entitled to a copy of the final report (Consumer Copy)
  6. Most professional Background screening companies are PBSA members and maintain certifications which means they adhere to a hire level of compliance.

The employment background screening process is something that the Background Screening Company (CRA) takes very seriously. The information reported is checked and double checked. The reportability of the cases and charges found are run through an adjudication and compliance team that are trained in the Federal (FCRA) rules, State rules and local (city/county) rules as it applies to what records can and cannot be reported.